• Founder and CEO at Little Riot, developing connected products that enable human connection in an otherwise very digital world.

  • Working with IoT London and many other wonderful people to collaboratively create a certification mark for IoT products.


  • Worked with students at Ada National College of Digital Skills to support their understanding and design of human-focussed digital products

  • Spoke at an in-house event at The Guardian about the realities of running a small business. A podcast was also recorded and is available here.

  • Facilitated a workshop at Creators Club around courage and authenticity.


Including, but not exhaustive: 

  • Festival of Doers - ‘Being Human in a Digital World’ (London, January 2018)

  • Mobile World Congress - 'The Future of Internet of Things' (Barcelona, February 2016)

  • UKTI Jumpstart - 'Creating a UK-China Technology Hub' (Shenzhen, March 2016)

  • Thinking Digital - 'Creating Mindful Connected Products' (London, March 2016)

  • GSMA Mobile 360 - 'The Future of Wearables' (Brussels, May 2016)

  • Digital Festival - 'Innovation Without Fear' (Brussels, June 2016)

  • Tech Open Air - 'Founder Burnout and How to Avoid It' (Berlin, July 2015)

  • WIRED Next Generation - 'Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Teenagers' Workshop (London, October 2015)

  • London Design Meetup - 'Design in Context' (London, November 2015)

  • Unbound Conference 'A Future of Meaningful Technology' (December 2015)

Workshops and Consulting

Available to guide you in creating meaningful user experiences and emotionally-engaging interactions for your business, products or services. Half or full day workshops/consultations to suit any size of team. Prior work mostly under NDA but references/testimonials available on request. 

Please contact Joanna for availability and pricing for consulting and workshops. 
You can also book Joanna for a Skype consultation (or face-to-face if located in London) to brainstorm or discuss a particular topic.